Wastewater Treatment By Mechanical vapor and Zero Liquid Discharge Technology

Disposal of waste water can be costly for many utilities, oil & gas fields, refineries and recyclers. Some wastewaters contain high total dissolved solids (TDS) including chlorides. Some others are distilled over in process units or dropped out in the bottom of tank and contain suspended solids, near-boilers like glycols and also toxics like volatiles organics or semi-volatiles.

Waste water Evaporation and Vapor Compression Technology by Sequoia

Sequoia’s evaporation technology incorporating vapor re-compression helps in separating purer water from contaminants to produce boiler-feed quality water.

We offer-

  • Units from 250 gallon/hour to 100000 gallon/day feed capacities.
  • Modularization to the extent possible with minimum site work.
  • Technical support for several years of Operations.

Sequoia’s Zero Liquid Discharge Technology (ZLD) by Sequoia

ZLD need not just be forced upon by Regulations. It can be an economical way of managing water resources at a Utility or a Refinery or in an oil & gas field.

A two-step evaporation process in which vapor compression unit is used in the first step and a forced circulation reboiler in the second so as to produce crystallized residue and zero-liquid discharge (ZLD).

We offer,

  • Precisely designed, robust skid mounted units.
  • They can be installed indoor or outdoor.
  • Easy integration with existing pretreatment or post-treatment units.
  • Treated / Reclaimed water quality allows use in cooling water, once-through steam generators (OTSGs).


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