About Us

About Sequoia

We are experts in the design of process equipment for distillation, evaporation, hydrogenation, filtration and adsorption, as applied to recycling of liquids such as used oils, waste fuels and industrial wastes.

We make our technologies world class in robustness, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, product qualities and yields.

Sequoia applies well researched and proven process technology at the core of each application offered to the market. Sequoia has built a team of experts in the areas of detailed engineering and project management. Additionally, we have invested resources in developing precise equipment specifications and identifying vendors who supply these equipment.

Sequoia has an active research and development program that aims to keep Sequoia and its customers ahead of their competition.

Our Expertise


  • Vertical Tube Evaporation
  • Regenerative Adsorption
  • Distillation Separation of Glycol & Water
  • Vapor Recompression
  • Vacuum Evaporation / Distillation of Oil
  • Hydrogenation (Hydrotreating / Hydrofinishing) of Oils

Global Experience

Sequoia has technical prowess to tackle projects anywhere in the world. From 2006, Sequoia has completed projects in 6 out of 7 continents and have recycled over a million tonne of wastes with our industry-leading processes.

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