Process Equipment Experts

Process equipment experts for distillation, evaporation, hydrogenation, filtration & adsorption.

State-of-the-art Technology

Robust, easy to maintain, energy efficient, giving excellent product quality and yield.

Active R & D Program

Well researched and proven process technology at the core of each application offered to the market.

High Quality Execution Processes

Execution processes that aims to keep us and our customers ahead of the competition.

Best Return on Investment

Lowest total investment, timely completion of the plant, with high quality of components & construction.

Working with passion and precision,
Sequoia delivers recycling and biofuel production solutions that provide superior return on investment.
With our state-of-the-art proprietary process technologies, we deliver value from project concept to startup.

Re-refining used lube oil

Re-refining used lube oil
Sequoia's process technology for re-refining used lubricating oils is based on distillation, adsorption and hydrotreating processes.


The design goal is production of Group II or Group III base oil from feedstock such as solvent neutral (Group 1) base stocks, vacuum gas oils distilled from crude or used oils.

Coolants / Antifreeze Recycling

Coolants / Antifreeze Recycling
Sequoia’s process technology for coolant (antifreeze) recycling is based on vacuum distillation. It produces distilled water and > 95% pure glycols from waste coolants.

Waste Fuel / MARPOL Recycling

Waste Fuel / MARPOL Recycling
Sequoia’s equipment for recycling waste fuel oils completely evaporates free as well as emulsified water and also recovers diesel from waste fuel oil.

Transformer oil recycling

Transformer oil recycling
Sequoia’s hydrogenation technology almost completely destroys carcinogenic organic chlorine compounds often present in waste transformer oils.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment
Disposal of waste water can be costly for many utilities, oil & gas fields, refineries and recyclers.

Success Stories

Some of our successfully completed projects are:

  • World-class re-refining plant making Group 2+ base oil is operational in Turkey
  • Sequoia’s “Waste Oil to VGO” distillation plant is operational in the UK
  • A Wastewater Treatment Plant is operational In Nevada
  • Group II Base Oils from Used Lubricating Oils in Uzbekistan
  • Sequoia’s New Distillation Process Launched in Georgia USA
  • Vertical Tube Evaporator for used motor oil distillation in Nevada
  • Marine Diesel Oil from used oil using Vertical Tube Evaporator in Tacoma WA
  • Transformer Oil Hydrotreating plant operational in Kansas
  • Hydrotreater proven at small scale and expanded skillfully
  • Meeting regulations and improving quality
  • Hydrotreating Technology is operational in Argentina

Global Experience

Global Experience2

From 2006, Sequoia has completed projects in various parts of the world including Asia, Australia, South Africa, South America and USA.